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Longshot Competition Kit

This is our competition kit, perfect for clubs and organizations. This is the same setup we use for scoring. The kit comes with your choice of four, five or six cameras. It includes the tripods, chargers, DVR and a multi-outlet for charging.


The cameras all connect to one receiver which will be connected to the DVR by an ethernet cable we provide. The DVR will record all cameras at the same time and allow playback while recording so you can review hits or misses while still keeping a record. We do not include a display but can upon request. A USB-C powered monitor works great and can be powered by a non included USB-C battery bank. The DVR does require power but a 12vdc battery bank with the correct plug works great for ranges without power. 


The system will connect to the DVR or a tablet/phone, not both at the same time. Using the DVR does not allow use of the app, only recording of a higher quality. 


*Allow 3-4 weeks for programming and setup. 


Each LONGSHOT camera system and accessory is manufactured with the strictest production standards and goes through vigorous quality control procedures before it is shipped out. To give LONGSHOT owners an assurance for their investments, all LONGSHOT target cameras and accessories are shipped with a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Additional protection is available through our Bulletproof Warranty program. Please review the warranty terms and conditions for more details.