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TargetVision - Background and Information

Founders Story:  In July 2012, Clay Rhoden, Richard Rhoden and James Hoffman were at the gun range shooting without a spotting scope.  They quickly became frustrated with not being able to see their shots and having to walk back and forth to see where they hit.  This frustration sparked the idea to use their experience in CCTV systems to create a wireless camera system to view their targets. The idea became a reality and TargetVision was founded in January of 2013.

The initial product launch was crowd funded using an Indiegogo campaign. From the moment the campaign surpassed its $25,000 goal, TargetVision has been on a mission to revolutionize the way that people shoot and bringing the shooting industry into the 21st century.

Mission: Provide shooters with the best shooting experience possible.

Vision: Create quality products that are elegant and simple to use.  Seek the opportunities to be disruptive and redefine the shooting experience.

Business Philosophy: TargetVision does not believe in impossible, it believes in how and why. The company understands that working as a team, means working separate but together, and it knows that it must continue to question everything to sustain disruptive innovation. The company’s internal motto is “don’t be afraid, always challenge”. TargetVision will leverage these values and beliefs to revolutionize shooting and create a company that customers want to be a part of. Without customers and support from the firearms community, the company is nothing. TargetVision strives to put customers first in everything that they do.

TargetVision’s goal is to redefine the shooting experience and change the way that people think about shooting at home, at the gun range, hunting, and training.  TargetVision will use lean startup techniques to help realize its philosophy.  “Build, Measure, Learn”; validated learnings; and iterative development are all key components in creating a business that will run more efficiently. The company has already taken the first step by creating an interactive and entertaining product with a clear value proposition that customers will not be able to live without.



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