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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we get about the TARGETVISION system. If this page did not answer the questions you have and you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us

Do you offer lifetime support/software updates?

Of course!  We live, eat, breathe customer service. Lifetime TargetVision support and app updates will always be available at NO charge!

Does your system have last shot flashing?

Yes!  Take a shot and see it flashing.  Check out the app video for details!

Side to 2:42 for the flashing feature.

How do I know if the battery is charged?

There is an indicator on the charger.  Green means it's charged, red charging.  The batteries are considered "smart"  you can not overcharge.  It is OK to leave the unit plugged into the charger overnight.

 What do I do if the image a crooked, sideways, or upside down (Marksmen or LR2)?

The camera is designed to move and twist, simply orient camera to desired view.

How does the system handle wind down range?

The system will not tip over in high winds, unless a tornado touches down nearby.  If that happens you might want to consider packing it in for the day.  On the tripod, the camera stands 18 inches tall and the base of the tripod has a diameter of 14 inches.  Being that camera unit itself is short with a wide base and the center of gravity is toward the bottom of the camera unit, the system is able to survive high winds without tipping over.  

How do I use the system?

Our system is extremely easy to use and set up. All you need to do is turn on the camera and the receiver station (in some cases if you are not shooting a very far distance, you do not need the receiver to be on). Place the camera down field about 10-15 feet away from the target you wish to shoot. Log into the WiFi network and open the TARGETVISION app to aim the camera until you are satisfied with your view. Once you are satisfied, walk back to your shooting bench. You're done.


How many people can view the camera feed?

The camera system has the ability the support up to 10 devices at once. This provides the shooter, a spotter, and or any other observers the ability to watch and see the target in real time. 


How do I use the app features?

Our app has a number of cool features that improve the shooters experience. Our app allows a shooter to do things like mark their shots, track and notes on their sessions, take photos and videos, and much more. To get a better understanding of how to use these features, you can check out our manual. To find the a copy of the manual please visit our Downloads section.


Do I need WiFi or a cellular data plan to use the camera system?

No. All you need is a smart device that has the ability to log onto a WiFi network. The TARGETVISION system creates its own WiFi network that you will be able to log onto to view the camera stream.


How far can I shoot and still use the camera system?

Our system has been tested and is rated for up to 1 mile. Depending on your shooting conditions, the range of the device may vary slightly. The better the line of sight between the camera and the receiver case, the stronger your signal and connection will be.


Is the system bulletproof? What happens if I shoot it?

The system is not bulletproof and we do not recommend covering the camera with any steel or armor plating. Placing heavy materials in front of the camera will limit and can sometimes obstruct the camera signal completely from reaching you and your smart device. If you are worried about hitting your system, we recommend that you place your camera 10-15 feet from the target and slightly off to the side and out of the line of fire.

Where do I place the camera?

We recommend that the device be placed about 10-15 feet from the target you wish to shoot. By slightly placing the camera out of the line of fire, you can reduce the likelihood of accidentally hitting the camera. 

What kinds of devices does the system work with?

Our systems work with both android and iOS based products. You can find our app in the google play store and the iphone app store.

How long does the battery last?

If fully charged, the system can run up to 12 hours. 

What is the warranty period?

We offer a two year warranty for manufacturer defects. 


What do we do with credit card information?

Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.



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