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It has to start somewhere

Starting point, Longshot Target Cameras, BLOG, shooting sports, small business

We cannot hope to simply begin at the end

Over the last few months this phrase has been echoing inside my head. As a company we have been moving towards some exciting changes. The world seems to be at a boiling point with many issues that impact how we live out our daily lives. The "new" ideas do not just appear from nowhere; they have a starting point.
This idea of a starting point has been fuel for these online musings. As a company we want to embrace the industries we come into contact with and also reach out to others along the way. These posts will bring together our knowledge and passion for shooting sports and also operating a small business in this current environment we find ourselves in.
So, here we are, at the starting point. We will keep moving forward, aiming for the end, but not forgetting to take note of the moments that lead us there. 


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