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Trade-in Program

TARGETVISION is focused on redefining the shooting experience. To show our commitment, we started a TargetVision trade-in program that allows customers to trade-in their traditional spotting scopes or competitors wireless target camera viewing system in exchange for $100 off their purchase of a TARGETVISION Wireless Spotting Scope.

How it Works:

The process is simple and easy.

First, purchase the trade in bundle for the wireless spotting scope you would like to own.

  1. Go to the Products drop down tab
  2. Click on the Camera Systems link
  3. Choose the TRADE-IN BUNDLE
  4. Add to cart and purchase

Then, send your spotting scope or competitor product to our address. Please email us with the tracking information so we can help track your product.

  1. Package and send your device to our company address (which can be found on the Contact Us page)
  2. Send an email to info@targetvisioncam.com with the tracking number

To qualify and receive credit for the program, we need to have your trade-in within 15 days of delivery.

Finally, once we receive your trade-in, we will credit you back $100 on your purchase!



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