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Longshot is the only company to offer match management, impact verification, scoring, and spectator services for shooting matches.  We understand how much goes into planning and running a good shooting match and we want to help you make your match the best match possible.  We also understand that you probably want to shoot in the match too.  With Longshot's match services, you can get all of the great benefits listed below as well as complete objectivity when it comes to scoring and dispute resolution, so you can focus on competing in the match not managing it.

Longshot cameras are the only way to truly verify impacts at long range.  Other solutions, such as target flashers and spotting scopes, leave too much room error.  Longshot's down range cameras are the only way to tell if the shot was a skip, an impact, or if it hit part of the target frame or hanger.

With a Longshot competition kit, you can add this functionality to your competition, and if you contact us to build a custom match service package, you'll get the added expertise of our team which has ample experience using the camera system and calling impacts during competitions.  Perhaps the most important aspect of the Longshot system is the fact that the entire match can be recorded for review and dispute resolution after the fact.

Longshot offers more than just target camera systems for shooting matches.  We also offer match management / match director services for the day of the match.  With our team of experienced professionals who have attended countless long range and extreme long range matches, we combine the best practices from all of the matches we've attended to help make your match the most successful and enjoyable match possible.

Scoring, dispute resolution, and shooting order management can be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of running a match, but that doesn't have to be the case any longer.  With Longshot's scoring add-on, we will track all of the shooter's scores and keep them up to date live for everyone to see on a TV.  We build a custom excel file to match the scoring rules of your match and input the impacts and misses as they occur.  Longshot can also handle all disputes via recorded video playback so there is no question in anyone's mind as to whether or not they got cheated.

Create a more enjoyable experience for spectators and competitors at your match.  With Longshot's match specific camera systems or a match service package, you can display multiple cameras on a screen so spectators can clearly see the action.

This setup is also a popular spot for attendees to take and share photos from, expanding awareness for your match.  Lastly, it can help to decrease the number of disputes that come up throughout a match as spectators and teammates can help to verify impacts and misses.



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