WHY Longshot?

camera setup

APP FEAtures

to get started

1. Download the app prior to connecting to your camera

iOS 12

and later


Android 10

and later


iOS 11

and earlier


Android 9

and earlier


*For the app to work properly, you MUST allow access to your local network and location*

2. Connect to your camera's WiFi network (e.g. LR3-RXXXXX or MARKS-XXXXX or HAWKXXXX)

The WiFi password is "longshot"

3. If prompted to stay connected even though there is no internet, be sure to select YES.

4. Open the app and be sure to allow time between all steps in order to allow all permissions

5. App should show that the camera is connected. Press the play button to view the camera feed and enjoy.

*If it doesn’t connect, uninstall the app, forget the network and repeat steps 1-5. Please be patient between steps allowing all permissions and telling your phone to stay connected to the devices network even though there is no internet.*

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