UltraHD EC-3

$ 449.25 $ 599.00

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Product Description


  • Straight Shooter 1-Mile Guarantee
  • CrispEdge 2592 x 1944 HD Imagery
  • Includes: Camera, Soft Case, 1 Tripods, Charger
  • Can be paired with any long range Targetvision or LONGSHOT camera system Must be custom programmed by LONGSHOT to work with the base system
LONGSHOT extra cameras can be added to any existing or new long-range (with a receiver) Targetvision or LONGSHOT camera system. Each extra camera is custom programmed to match your existing camera system.  The LONGSHOT system allows for up to four cameras to be connected to one system and they can be mixed and matched. Each camera independently tracks your shot markers and progress. LONGSHOT extra cameras are great for viewing multiple targets or targets at different distances!