Marksman TO LR-3 Upgrade – Target Camera System

***Allow a 1 week lead time for programming***

  • Upgrade your existing target camera system
  • Great for long-range shooting!
  • Get the most out of your existing system

You might’ve started with a target camera that worked for you several months or a few years ago, but you have since outgrown it and need something stronger. But instead of buying an entirely new target video camera system, why not upgrade? Now you can turn your existing wireless target camera into a long-range shooting camera with LONGSHOT's Marksman to LR-3 Upgrade Kit. It’s a state-of-the-art shooting range camera upgrade that will quickly and easily get you the distance you desire from your existing system.

Upgrade your MARKSMAN (300 yards) to an LR-3 (2-mile).

Once you order, provide us with your serial number of the MARKSMAN you have.


  • Programmed receiver to match your wireless spotting scope camera
  • Additional small tripod
  • Longshot hard case with custom foam


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